Q) I am thinking of selling but not quite ready for a few months. Can I still make an appointment with you?

A) Yes of course. It's often useful to get some input and to offer advice if you're doing some work around the home. Often I can let you know what's worth doing and what's not. Additionally, if you're comfortable with it, I can list your property without any exposure but line potential buyers before you even hit the market!

Q) I do want to sell but need to sell my home before I can buy. I'm too frightened to sell and have nowhere to go. Can you help me?

A) Yes.You can't be expected to sell with no home to go to! I can show you many options and solutions that will help you move without risk and help you to find a suitable home.

Q) What areas do you cover?

A) Luckily, I am not bound by territory or geographical areas but distance can be an issue depending on your location. I would not accept an instruction to sell someone‚Äôs property if it meant compromising the level of service that they would receive. However, I would be able to source a suitable agent through my agent networks if the distance is unworkable due to time constraints. Typically, I work within a radius of 10-12km of Brisbane CBD but have sold further afield in the past. Just best to contact me first. I'm sure I'll be able to help.

If you have any further questions, I am only a call or email away. Don't be frighened to get in touch! I promise....I don't bite!